Make It Yours regrets to announce that due to the present economic conditions we are unable to continue to offer our quality products to the public at this time. 

The staff and management of Make It Yours would like to express our thanks to our many valued customers.  It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

We are two public school retirees who knew nothing about business but with a husband who had a burning desire to keep busy and a love of technology.  As an outlet for his creativity and with a desire to stay active we started this business in 2001.  We began by marketing chemistry educational products and the electronic gradebook he created while teaching. 

We made many mistakes along the way.  Realizing the need to expand our product line we were fortunate enough to establish a relationship with Aqua Sphere USA and the Colibri Group.

Just when it looked like we would make a profit Microsoft who hosted our site discontinued their hosting services.  Being amateurs with limited resources we contacted a local hosting company who said they could redesign our site and assist us with marketing.  Unfortunately they misled us concerning their level of expertise.  They created a dynamic website which is not easily indexed by search engines.  At about this time the Colibri Group went into receivership.  Our business declined to the point where it was no longer financially advantageous for us to continue.  The end result has been our decision to no longer market our products and to dissolve our company.

If you are interested in purchasing this business and continuing our company’s good relationship with Aqua Sphere USA please contact us at